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How much is the buffet on Sunday

It's like 11 bucks I think..well worth it..good selections.

When do they have crab legs?

Usually during the dinner buffet but I would call if you're counting on it...

Do they have crab legs on the buffet?


Can you dine in?

Yes you can. Went there yesterday.

Would anyone recommend going here around 8pm on a weekday? Don't want to wait in line! Also how much is the buffet?

After 8 is ok but they are not refreshing a lot of the items that late, never paid attention to individual price, 2 buffets, a coke and a beer is like $35

How far from the Louisville palace are you?

Always good!

How much is lunch and dinner buffet

Dinner is $12.99. Lunch $10.99. Neither include beverage

How much is the buffet

$12.99 for dinner. $10.99 for lunch. Neither include a beverage

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